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John Gholson I have a gift which lets me express my ideas, visions, and surroundings, in a visually unique way. My ultimate dream is to find balance in my life, work, and adventures outside of the studio.

My future plans will focus on this vision, along with the people who would like to see my dream become a reality.

I have been surrounded by art my entire life. My mother is an artist, so I was encouraged to draw and paint at a very young age. I submitted my first painting for exhibit at age 6; since then, I have been acclaimed as a talented young artist.

My style is to incorporate a broad array of bright colors into my artwork; saying more with less. Capturing the power and action of the human body in motion has always appealed to me.

The things I specifically try to recreate in my sports paintings are speed, force, and energy.

Having been athletic my entire life, I love to dance, lift weights, and go running. When I was a senior In high school I was ranked 3rd in the state for cross country. I continue to maintain an active lifestyle.

For any art inquires text or call my cell